Sunday, December 28, 2008

New pictures coming soon for my listings!

This morning when I threw out the box for the Frosted Flakes, I hesistated - "I could do something with this cardboard, seriously...paint on it, make something out of it...something...nooo, just throw the damn thing away, it'll sit in your room forever and nothing will happen." So into the trash it went.

Then, later in my room, I came across these neat little tutorials for taking better pictures and editing them on KMC designs blog: How to take great photos and How to create knockout photos for Etsy using Photoshop. And suddenly, I felt inspired - I dug the cereal box out of the trash, pulled it apart, taped two pieces of white paper to the inside, and placed near the window - voila! Natural light box!

Not pretty by any means, but it does the job =) Put that together with the second tutorial (though I played around with the instructions a little) and next thing you know I have the most professional looking pictures I have ever taken in my life. Here's the original first picture for my Glittery Green Frosted Polymer Clay Cupcake Earrings :

And here's the new one:

HUGE improvement if you ask me! Unfortunately, this means I have a lottttttttt of new pictures to take and edit...which has the potential to take over my life...sigh.

Speaking of my life - my fiancé started the drive back to Wisconsin yesterday morning and he'll most likely be back there sometime tomorrow. I miss him more than I could tell you...and not to say that California winter nights are much to complain about, but my bed was freezing last night without him! I thought I was joking about losing my own personal human heater, but it was serious business - I'm going to have to get another blanket on my bed (haha, yes, I am a wuss, I get cold super easy). In all seriousness though, it sucks very much to not have him here anymore and to not be sure when he'll be able to come back. I've got to take my month off of school as an opportunity to get myself together and start doing all of the adult things I've been putting off - job, license, etc - and to get rid of all of the excess stuff I have to do my part in getting him back here as soon as possible.

My fiancé Joshua eating at a Chinese buffet on Christmas...haha

In other crafty news: I am going to try to take up crocheting! Woot. I bought some yarn and a hook about a week or so ago and didn't do so well on my first attempt, but I have a friend who crochets and he promised to help get me started the next time we hang out, so that is exciting. I really can't wait to be able to make hats and scarves and all kinds of crazy stuff. If any of you out there crochet and have some tips or good websites to check out, let me know!

Alright, that's it for now...<3

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad news...

So. Been busy with school and spending a lot of time with my fiance and friends in my spare time. Unfortunately, I have some really bad news...well, for me at least. Joshua, my fiance, is going to have to go back to Wisconsin for an indefinite period of time. Basically, he wasn't able to get a job in the time that he needed to, so he's going back to regroup. It's a time for me to get my stuff together as well...I've got to get a job and finally get my license, as well as get rid of a lot of stuff that is just sitting around in my room so that when he can come back, I'll be ready to move out and be with him.

It's just very hard to deal with right now because we thought that we were done having to deal with being in a long distance relationship and now it turns out we have to be apart again.

He's probably leaving on Sunday, so I don't really have a lot of time left before he goes...

It's been hard to balance making things with school and being with Joshua, and now even though I'll be on break, I'm going to have a LOT to do...sigh. I am by no means giving up on Etsy and Artfire, but I'm not sure if things will get better or worse with them now. We'll see.

Anyways, I continue to renew things on Etsy and I'm very very slowly adding to ArtFire...haha, if you want to help me out with getting myself straight, buy some things! Maybe even request something custom...that might be fun to try out. I'm going to need all the help I can get!


Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just opened an ArtFire shop! I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it on the Etsy forums and Twitter and figured, what the heck, it's free, let's give it a shot. So far I've got two items up, might be adding more soon...check out my new shop!:

My first two ArtFire items!

Haven't had any problems with the site yet, and I'm pretty excited to see what happens...

In other news, I tried out some Facebook advertising this week due to some advice from the Etsy some decent views out of it, but no sales. Might try it again sometime when I feel like spending the money - you can set how much you'd like to spend in a day to get your ad posted, which is really neat (I made my budget $6 a day and it charged me about 25 cents per click), but I just don't have a lot of cash to burn right now, so I limited myself to a two day trial.

Also - I FINALLY GOT MY SEPTUM PIERCED! A week ago tomorrow =) I've been waiting for over two years to do this and I'm really really reallyyyyy happy with's like it was always meant to be here! Haha. Hurts a bit, but it's already much better. My daily routine for it is to wash it with some special soap in the morning and do a sea salt soak at night. So far I've been pretty consistent about it, too, yay. It really feels it's best right after cleaning it, so I imagine I'll be keeping it up just fine.

Awwww, me and my fiance at the beach last weekend =)

P.S. click on that picture to go to my Flikr!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free shipping!

on everything in my shop!


From 11/26 thru 12/1

Check it out, and be on the lookout for a new SALE section =D

Monday, November 24, 2008


Yay, new jewelry! I've got a couple more things to list tomorrow and I'll hopefully be working on some more during my break as well =) Click on each picture to go to the listing on Etsy and check them out!

And I'm thinkingggggg...there might be some sort of sale coming up in a couple of keep your eyes open =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

A couple of birthday pictures...

I thought you guys might like to see my awesome birthday hair...=)

Haha...there's this awesome restaurant around here called the Corvette Diner (click those links to learn more about it) where they will put your hair up in straws if you'd like. I've alwaysss wanted them to do it (because I am a huge nerd), but my hair has been too short every time I've gone...clearly my wish finally came true yesterday thanks to our fantastic waitress, Scarlet! I was way more excited than I should have been...especially for a twenty year old...haha. After we took the straws out, though, something else amazing happened:

My other secret wish as of late for curly/wavy hair came true too! Sloppy, yes, but still really cool! It has calmed down a bit since sleeping on it, though, as you can see here:

To always have hair this awesome...sigh. I'm just going to make my fiance put straws in my hair at night from now on =)

And thus concludes my adventure in being vain and random and showing off my hair...=)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's my birthdayyyyyy!

Sigh, I am terrible at updating this lately =/ Haven't been making/posting a lot of things so I guess there isn't much creative-talk to be had...I've got a small pile of things I've made over the past two or three months beginning to form, though - I really need to take the time to take pictures and start adding new things to the shop instead of just renewing. Maybe this weekend if my homework doesn't take up all of my time...

In more exciting news: today is my birthday! I'm twenty! Kind of scary! I'm stuck at school for now, but tonight my parents are taking me out to dinner and this weekend, my fiance and I might try to do something...probably nothing big though. If no real plans form, I'd like to just hang out on the beach for a little bit - it's been forever and ever and EVER since I've done that.

Oh, and I just entered BeatBlack's contest for a $50 gift certificate! She's got a really cool shop that I've been watching for a while, so this would be a pretty cool thing to win...there's only one day left after today to enter though, so get on it =) Click on the banner below to find out the details!

Alright, well, hopefully I'll have some new things to talk about here after this weekend...<3!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Featured on Simply Chimica's Blog!


Learn some random stuff about me, including the epically long story of the origin of the EmoSeal name, and check out some other cool people who have been featured as well.

Thank you to Simply Chimica for the feature =D

CLICK HERE to read the blog entry
(or copy this link

Not much else to report...just renewing things here and there and trying to make some new jewelry...inspiration comes and goes, but I made a really really neat pair of earrings between last night and this afternoon that I will hopefully be able to list soon. I also really want to start making some cell phone charms! I have a bunch of little cell phone straps that I ordered a while ago and so far I've only made one...haha, sigh, going to have to get on that.

And of course, my fiancé is on his way here as we speak! AHH! He started the drive from Wisconsin to California on Sunday - he's in Utah now. SO EXCITED! Haha, I cleaned my room and everything (though my desk is still looking a little chaotic...but when doesn't it) and I can't wait until he's here. If all continues to go well, he'll be here sometime on Wednesday afternoon =)

Alright, that's all I've got for tonight...just a reminder that all horns have a free upgrade to Priority shipping to make sure they get to you in time for Halloween! Oh, and if you Twitter, you can follow me now - - I'll definitely follow you back.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free upgrade to Priority shipping on horns!

Yay! Free upgrade to Priority shipping for all horns in my shop to make sure they arrive in time for Halloween =)


Friday, October 24, 2008


School is eating me alive =/

I feel like I just don't have time or the energy to be very creative now...both for Etsy and just for myself. I decided the other day after finding this site,, that I wanted to mess around with some hand embroidery, but when am I going to have that much free time? (Sidenote: I also want to make a sock monkey now, or perhaps a glove chipmunk? haha, two very cool how-to's). I more or less spend my free time catching up on things online and trying to destress, and by the time I'm relaxed and ready to start something, it's time to go to bed. It's just very discouraging.

Sigh, and now it's time for me to go to class! Haha...have a test to take today and another one to do tomorrow for a school-wide requirment...and then lots and lots of cleaning at home!

Talk to you later...<3

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steampunk Rings contest!

Today I am here to tell you about some awesome rings =)

I had seen CatherinetteRings's shop before, back when her avatar was of one of her Cube rings (still think those are amazing). I recently rediscovered her over on Twitter (sigh, Twitter!...haha, my fiance calls it a 'lazy person's blog' and wishes I'd stop using it, but it's kinda fun...turns out I joined it right as a lot of other Etsians did too so there's been quite a lot of Etsy-connection going on there for me) and have started checking out her blog as well as her new Steampunk rings...if you don't know, Steampunk is a pretty interesting subculture that's getting a bit more attention lately (click on that first "Steampunk"back there to get some background on it).

Anyways, CatherinetteRings has just started a new contest on her blog and I am making this entry not only to spread the awesome, but in the hopes of winning some of the awesome myself...haha. She plans to give away two of her rings at the end of November, which would make a pretty sweet 20th birthday present if you ask me...=D

I actually had a much harder time picking a favorite ring than I thought I would...haha, seriously. I looked through all of CatherinetteRings's Steampunk rings and just found so many really neat things that it took me a while to narrow it down. I think I'd have to go with her Golden Rutilated Quartz ring though:

...Can't help but to also mention this Indian Agate ring and this Smoky Agate ring - haha, it's hard enough to limit myself to only those. Back on topic - I'm not typically a fan of gold-tone things, but for some reason I love that's just so bright and lovely (for the record, CatherinetteRings takes some great pictures of everything she makes - it all seems to glow a little =])

So! Make sure you take a look around CatherinetteRings's shop and enter the contest with me - take a look at her blog, there's a few different ways to enter, all of which are simple - maybe we can both win a fantastic ring together =)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Renewing =/

So a lotttt of my items are coming up to their expirations dates and I just started to renew some things for the very first time...ahhh. I don't know why but that makes me feel very weird. I guess I'm just feeling that thing some people on the forums seem to get sometimes, where they start worrying that they're wasting their money...I just don't have a ton of money to work with right now so it makes me paranoid to spend any of it...haha. I'm not going to renew everything that's expiring - at least not right now - but it's stressing me out a little regardless.

Anyways, I'm working on some jewelry right now for a friend - she bought some buttons and beads today and asked if I'd make some earrings and necklaces out of them for her. I think she's going to make me some things in return, so yay...I got one pair of earrings done before she had to go, and this is her modeling them:

I personally think she makes a very good model =) on the lookout for some new pairs of horns to go up soon...and look at my freshly renewed items as well!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Exciting things and a cute kid!

I really need to be better about updating this!

Okay, exciting thing #1 - I had TWO sales in one day last Sunday! I was really really happy because I hadn't sold anything in about a month, plus I sold some stuff I was pretty proud of - a pair of horns and some Pokeball earrings (my first polymer clay sales, yay). I also had a last minute awesome idea for the earrings...

They are stuck into a piece of canvas paper that has my logo printed onto it =) was actually a failed experiment at making a patch of my logo to put on my jacket (turns out printer ink washes off of canvas in the washing machine, sigh) but I think it worked out alright in the end. The earrings were a gift for someone else, so I wasn't sure how to go about my usual thank-you-note/reciept-thing...this turned out to be a pretty good compromise because I still got my name out there without feeling too weird about it, and I was able to write on the back that I hoped she liked them and to be sure to thank the person who got them for her =) Plus it's sturdy enough to be a good backing! All around goodness.

What is exciting thing #2, you ask? I got a convo earlier from someone asking about another pair of horns that they are thinking of buying to be a part of their dog's Halloween costume =) Tell me that doesn't sound completely adorable! A tiny little dog with horns on! MY horns! Haha...hoping to hear back from them on whether or not they'll work out after all - seems promising so far!

Besides all that business...I took the day off from school today! Which felt extremely nice! At least the sleeping in part was good, I spent most of the rest of the day going through boxes and trying to get rid of things - I have a terrible problem with holding on to farrrr too much paper, not to mention lots of strange random things...sigh. Made some progress but I've got a lot more to do, both for my peace of mind AND to make room for my fiancé - in about two weeks, he will be driving down from Wisconsin to stay for good! =D! My dad is going to let him stay with us for a little bit to give him a chance to find a job and get an apartment, which is very very awesome. I'm going to have to try to get a good job myself as well so that I have a shot at being able to move out with him very soon...

And now, because he is cute and I saw him on Sunday, check out my nephew Jacob!

He always makes me take him out by the pool when he comes over...he really likes the water (and the duck). And I don't think you can tell in this picture, but he has Wall-E shoes! Awesome =) Haha, and by the way, his mom liked the jewelry I made for her after all, so yay for that.

Okay...I think I am all caught up now...good night!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

New plugs and my latest personal project...

Man, I meant to make this entry like a week ago...haha...sigh. Last Thursday I recieved my most recent Etsy purchase: a pair of 6 gauge glass plugs from iriejen! I got really excited when I realized that there are actually lots of plugs on Etsy and had been doing a lot of shopping around when I found iriejen, and I just thought these were a really neat, and not too expensive either...

(photo by iriejen)

And of course, the obligatory vain-happy-customer picture:

Yayyyy, now I am up another gauge size...haha. I don't intend to go any higher than 4 gauge because I don't want my ears to be permanently stretched, but it is a little, some of the most interesting plugs only come in bigger sizes! Sigh. I think I was always destined to be a modified individual...seeing my older sister get her first piercing when I was little and my dad with his couple of tattoos got body modification into my head early. So far, it's just a lip ring on the right side of my lower lip and the stretched ears (haha, and that actually started out of boredom...). When I have the money, though? Septum piercing for sureeee and some tattoos, the first of which will be something for my nephew (see last entry). Really really need to get that done soon...but alas, Etsy is my only job right now and I only had one sale last month. Hopefully things will pick up soon with the holiday season...that's what I keep hearing is supposed to happen on the forums...haha.

ANYWAYS! Personal project! Yay! Haha, so I have this jacket for a band whose music I like, but whose overall reputation and image I do not...I got it at a show of theirs that I got into for free because, quite frankly, it's practically impossible for me to go to a concert and not bring back some sort of merch. Plus I was in need of a smaller jacket at the time...anyways, the point is, because wearing said jacket now makes me feel like a jerk, I decided to cover up the part that has the band's name on it with a patch I made! And after doing that I figured, hey, I should just cover this whole damn thing with homemade patches! It'll be soooo punk rock! ...haha. See, I'm very serious about that "punk-rock poser" thing. Because Pokemon patches and the kinds of things and bands that I'm really into...are not punk rock. They are just dorky. And, well, the music isn't very punk at all.

I am rambling a lot today...back to the point! The patch I originally put on the jacket was one of three Pokemon patches I made a while back with an old shirt and fabric markers. I ended up safety pinning it and the other two onto the jacket in various places. A couple days ago, I made a patch of a red balloon on some new fabric I bought a 1/2 yard of, and last night, I took another old patch I made and put onto something else off of that something else (haha, yeah, make sense of that) and sewed it to the back of the jacket under the screen printed picture that's there that is really, seriously, not really all that related to the band - it's Ferdinand the Bull sitting under his cork tree. Strangely, this is also the same exact picture that my fiancé has tattooed onto his shoulder in honor of another musician who has a somewhat more logical (and less forced) connection to Ferdinand than this...other band...haha. I'm not sure why I am so adamant about not mentioning their name here, but it's kind of just for fun now. Okay, okay: PICTURES NOW!

Alllllrighttttt...that's more than enough for one day! Talk to you all later <3>

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots of horns and something for my sister...

This is a picture of all of the horns I've made so far (minus the ones I sent to my friend recently...)

(you can click the picture to make it bigger)

The first two are the original pairs I made this summer, and the rest have been made over the past week or so...haha, I think I've gotten better already, and each pair is getting harder to part with. Still have to list the last two, but I've heard that around 7pm on weekdays is the best time to list, so I might wait until tomorrow for know, unless I get impatient =)

I also started on something last night that I've been meaning to make for my sister for a while's got a bit of a story behind it. My nephew Eythan died this past January after fighting cancer for six years...he was ten. He was a big fan of The Legend of Zelda and he used to draw triforces on everything. When he died, his parents really got into the whole triforce thing and it's just kind of synonymous with Eythan for them (and for me) now. Anyways, my sister requested that I make her some triforce-related jewelry for her and this is what I ended up coming up with last night and earlier today:

I had been hesistant to start working on this because I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it at all, but I finally just sat down and started and acted like I knew what I was doing...haha, it worked for the most part. I know I could have done a better job, but overall I'm okay with how it turned out, and my sister is excited about getting them.

Alright...hopefully I'll be posting again tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FINALLY! Horns on Etsy =)

It has taken me farrrrrr too long to do this, but at last, I have a pair of horns up for sale on Etsy! Yay!

I'm pretty excited and I've really got to make another pair or two - I'm offering to do custom orders, but you know, Halloween is probably the best time to get this sort of thing started and I want to have a few pairs on hand in the shop.

I also uploaded two more rings:

Orange and Pink Stacked Ring / Blue and Purple Twist Ring

Other than that...just stressing out like mad. I'm worried about school, I didn't get this little online job I was hoping to have, and I'm worried about my fiancé moving down here (money is tight, etc.). This whole growing-up business is terribly overrated and I'm just hoping to be able to do it without killing myself in the process...

Until later...<3!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rings and a lollipop...

Got two of my rings and the lollipop pendant posted on Etsy =)

---------------Pink Swirl Ring--------------Rainbow Mushroom Ring-----------------Lollipop Pendant-------------

And as we speak, I am baking a pair of slightly shimmery orange and black horns and a ring with pink and purple stars. Sweeeeet. I'll try to get pictures of them up tomorrow.

Oh, and tonight, perhaps in an effort to make myself feel better, I bought something new off of Etsy...haha, sigh. Expect a full report when they arrive...


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polymer rings =)

So I've been doing a LOT this week...last Friday, I got the supplies I ordered from shareliving - some adjustable ring bases, cell phone straps for charms, and some earring backs. I started making rings on Sunday and have been making a couple each day, as well as a few other's everything I've done so far:

Haha, I've made ten rings ( 4 on adjustable rings and 6 made purely of polymer clay), a mushroom for a friend of mine (still needs a bit of work), a lollipop charm, a blue and white pendant, and a flying eyeball for my dad because yesterday was his birthday =) Here's a better picture of it...

Man, the wings took forever to do - I mixed up some yellow, orange, and some of that new pearly white clay I got recently and made each little feather individually - but I'm satisfied with how they came out in the end and my dad likes it, which is what really matters =)

Anyways, as far as the rings go...mixed nearly all of them with my pearly white clay as well so they each have a bit of shimmer. Haha, I'm still trying to decide which ones I'm going to keep and which ones I'm going to list because I like them so much! I suppose I could always remake them, but I tend to dislike repeating myself, so who knows what I'll do.

School has been keeping me pretty busy otherwise - I actually have to go to a play tonight for one of my literature classes - but I'm hoping to keep making new things and start getting them listed this weekend. Sigh, can't wait to sleep in! Waking up at 5am has never been for me...

Alright, well, I'm off...gotta get ready for my next class!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horns, new clay, and my second Etsy purchase

So a lot happened yesterday! ...sort of...haha.

First of all, I finally sent out a gift I made for a friend of mine who just transferred from here to Portland for college. I actually made them earlier in the summer, but we never ended up getting to see each other before she they are:

Haha, yeah, I made her some polymer clay horns! I had made myself two pairs back in July (that you can see HERE) and she saw pictures and wanted some too (not a surprise - she has a reputation for being "the girl with the horns" because she has a couple pairs she wears on a regular basis; I believe one pair is fabric and the other is plastic). I figured they'd make a good going-away/just-because present. Oh, and in case you were wondering, they are sitting on the letter I wrote to go along with them...anyways, I've been thinking for a while that I ought to start trying to make horns like this for Etsy - maybe start off with a set or two and offer to do custom orders - and since Halloween is coming up, I think I might finally get on it...suggestions for what colors to start with are welcome!

On the subject of polymer clay, I also recieved four new blocks of clay that I ordered yesterday!

Now I have blue, black, more white, and a shimmery white, as you can (hopefully) see in the second picture...this adds to the red, purple, orange, yellow, green, and older white that I actually originally got from a really wonderful lady who had it all sitting around and thought I could make some use of actually took quite a while for me to do so, but once I got on Etsy and realized all the amazing things that can be done with polymer clay, I dug it out and got to work =)

And FINALLY - I recieved my second Etsy purchase ever in the mail as well! Haha, it was an excellent day for mail. I bought a hat from anatomyofatooth (who blogs HERE) that made me smile before I even opened the package...

Best packaging ever =) (btw...ignore my Little Mermaid bed sheet...haha, I have problems with that whole growing up thing). On top of that? She included a second hat and a pair of gummy bear earrings as extras! Totally unexpected! I had read in her feedback that she gave out extras with purchases, but I expected really small things...alright, vain-happy-customer-picture time!

The first picture is the hat I originally makes me feel like I have little zebra ears =) And, it fits perfectly! Sweet. The second hat is a bit snugger but still neat, and the earrings are sooooo proven by all the extra o's. Extra bonus points - that holder you see them poked into? It's a paint sample from a store. Seriously, what an awesome idea - it's the perfect size and everything. Haha, I am clearly happy with my purchase...can't wait for it to stop being so damn HOT out so I can start wearing the hat!

Alright...that's it for today!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello, Blogger...

Hello everyone =)

So I've been keeping up something of a creative blog on (that link will take you to my profile, which has lots of pictures and my creative-type blogs posts to date), but I figured I should get in with all the cool kids and move over to Blogger/Blogspot/whatever-the-hell-you-are...haha. I'm sure I'll post in both places, but since I've realized that I can in fact keep up two blogs (a personal one and a Etsy-related one), I decided I might as well do this one right.

And now I'm not sure where to begin! Haha...I think I'll just look back on my We Love Etsy posts and try to give you an idea of who I am and what I've been doing.

I started off this whole Etsy thing making hemp and metal chain jewelry, but I have since gotten into making charms and pendants with polymer clay - I've got a mix of all of that going in my shop now, and I'm constantly getting more ideas from all of the amazing shops I see. I also like working with fabric markers, doing small sewing projects, drawing, painting - all kinds of arts and crafts. Lately I've been thinking of trying to do some ACEOs and maybe start trying to make some hair stuff (bows, barettes, etc.), and I'm waiting on some supplies so I can start making rings and cell phone charms...haha, I'm all over the place.

As far as my personal life, I'm a full time college student majoring in English and currently still living at home, which will hopefully change in a few months...haha, not that I'm looking forward to balancing bills and homework, but, well, I've got a pretty good reason to move out. I'm (recently) engaged to the most amazing jerk I've ever met, who unfortunately lives 2,000 miles away but will be moving down here to California stay in October. And, uh, well, I kinda wanna live with him =) I actually spent most of last month up in Wisconsin with him and having to be without him now is absolutely miserable...but I've got school and crafting to keep me occupied and help me make it through the last few weeks we ever have to spend apart....haha, yeah, I get really cheesy when I talk about him...

Now, to get back on track, here are some of the things I've been working on lately!

Two of my recent Etsy listings:

Glittery Green Cupcake Earrings

-I decided I wanted to try to make some cupcakes out of polymer clay (it may have a little to do with the fact that I have been craving some good cupcakes for MONTHS and I still haven't gotten any...sigh!) and after making some pink ones (one of which you can see below), I mixed the brightest green I could and made these guys. It's a little unclear in this picture, but they are actually sprinkled with green glitter, so they're very sparkly. They are topped with matching glittery green beads I made as well and attached to a pair of lever-back earrings.

Glittery Pink Cupcake Necklace

-I actually made some pink cupcakes first...cos, well, pink just seemed like a logical frosting color, haha. At first, I had no intention of adding faces or anything like that to my cupcakes, but two small pieces of fuzz got onto the base of one of them and they looked just like a little eye and a perfect tiny smile - I figured it was just meant to be and went for it =) This pink cupcake also has some glitter on it, though not as much as the green ones do, and some matching glittery polymer clay beads along with some seed beads to complete the necklace.

Alright...I was planning to get into some more stuff I've been doing lately, but I think I've overloaded you enough for one day...haha, I'll be back soon with another post!

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