Thursday, October 2, 2008

New plugs and my latest personal project...

Man, I meant to make this entry like a week ago...haha...sigh. Last Thursday I recieved my most recent Etsy purchase: a pair of 6 gauge glass plugs from iriejen! I got really excited when I realized that there are actually lots of plugs on Etsy and had been doing a lot of shopping around when I found iriejen, and I just thought these were a really neat, and not too expensive either...

(photo by iriejen)

And of course, the obligatory vain-happy-customer picture:

Yayyyy, now I am up another gauge size...haha. I don't intend to go any higher than 4 gauge because I don't want my ears to be permanently stretched, but it is a little, some of the most interesting plugs only come in bigger sizes! Sigh. I think I was always destined to be a modified individual...seeing my older sister get her first piercing when I was little and my dad with his couple of tattoos got body modification into my head early. So far, it's just a lip ring on the right side of my lower lip and the stretched ears (haha, and that actually started out of boredom...). When I have the money, though? Septum piercing for sureeee and some tattoos, the first of which will be something for my nephew (see last entry). Really really need to get that done soon...but alas, Etsy is my only job right now and I only had one sale last month. Hopefully things will pick up soon with the holiday season...that's what I keep hearing is supposed to happen on the forums...haha.

ANYWAYS! Personal project! Yay! Haha, so I have this jacket for a band whose music I like, but whose overall reputation and image I do not...I got it at a show of theirs that I got into for free because, quite frankly, it's practically impossible for me to go to a concert and not bring back some sort of merch. Plus I was in need of a smaller jacket at the time...anyways, the point is, because wearing said jacket now makes me feel like a jerk, I decided to cover up the part that has the band's name on it with a patch I made! And after doing that I figured, hey, I should just cover this whole damn thing with homemade patches! It'll be soooo punk rock! ...haha. See, I'm very serious about that "punk-rock poser" thing. Because Pokemon patches and the kinds of things and bands that I'm really into...are not punk rock. They are just dorky. And, well, the music isn't very punk at all.

I am rambling a lot today...back to the point! The patch I originally put on the jacket was one of three Pokemon patches I made a while back with an old shirt and fabric markers. I ended up safety pinning it and the other two onto the jacket in various places. A couple days ago, I made a patch of a red balloon on some new fabric I bought a 1/2 yard of, and last night, I took another old patch I made and put onto something else off of that something else (haha, yeah, make sense of that) and sewed it to the back of the jacket under the screen printed picture that's there that is really, seriously, not really all that related to the band - it's Ferdinand the Bull sitting under his cork tree. Strangely, this is also the same exact picture that my fiancé has tattooed onto his shoulder in honor of another musician who has a somewhat more logical (and less forced) connection to Ferdinand than this...other band...haha. I'm not sure why I am so adamant about not mentioning their name here, but it's kind of just for fun now. Okay, okay: PICTURES NOW!

Alllllrighttttt...that's more than enough for one day! Talk to you all later <3>

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