Friday, November 21, 2008

A couple of birthday pictures...

I thought you guys might like to see my awesome birthday hair...=)

Haha...there's this awesome restaurant around here called the Corvette Diner (click those links to learn more about it) where they will put your hair up in straws if you'd like. I've alwaysss wanted them to do it (because I am a huge nerd), but my hair has been too short every time I've gone...clearly my wish finally came true yesterday thanks to our fantastic waitress, Scarlet! I was way more excited than I should have been...especially for a twenty year old...haha. After we took the straws out, though, something else amazing happened:

My other secret wish as of late for curly/wavy hair came true too! Sloppy, yes, but still really cool! It has calmed down a bit since sleeping on it, though, as you can see here:

To always have hair this awesome...sigh. I'm just going to make my fiance put straws in my hair at night from now on =)

And thus concludes my adventure in being vain and random and showing off my hair...=)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's my birthdayyyyyy!

Sigh, I am terrible at updating this lately =/ Haven't been making/posting a lot of things so I guess there isn't much creative-talk to be had...I've got a small pile of things I've made over the past two or three months beginning to form, though - I really need to take the time to take pictures and start adding new things to the shop instead of just renewing. Maybe this weekend if my homework doesn't take up all of my time...

In more exciting news: today is my birthday! I'm twenty! Kind of scary! I'm stuck at school for now, but tonight my parents are taking me out to dinner and this weekend, my fiance and I might try to do something...probably nothing big though. If no real plans form, I'd like to just hang out on the beach for a little bit - it's been forever and ever and EVER since I've done that.

Oh, and I just entered BeatBlack's contest for a $50 gift certificate! She's got a really cool shop that I've been watching for a while, so this would be a pretty cool thing to win...there's only one day left after today to enter though, so get on it =) Click on the banner below to find out the details!

Alright, well, hopefully I'll have some new things to talk about here after this weekend...<3!
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