Sunday, December 28, 2008

New pictures coming soon for my listings!

This morning when I threw out the box for the Frosted Flakes, I hesistated - "I could do something with this cardboard, seriously...paint on it, make something out of it...something...nooo, just throw the damn thing away, it'll sit in your room forever and nothing will happen." So into the trash it went.

Then, later in my room, I came across these neat little tutorials for taking better pictures and editing them on KMC designs blog: How to take great photos and How to create knockout photos for Etsy using Photoshop. And suddenly, I felt inspired - I dug the cereal box out of the trash, pulled it apart, taped two pieces of white paper to the inside, and placed near the window - voila! Natural light box!

Not pretty by any means, but it does the job =) Put that together with the second tutorial (though I played around with the instructions a little) and next thing you know I have the most professional looking pictures I have ever taken in my life. Here's the original first picture for my Glittery Green Frosted Polymer Clay Cupcake Earrings :

And here's the new one:

HUGE improvement if you ask me! Unfortunately, this means I have a lottttttttt of new pictures to take and edit...which has the potential to take over my life...sigh.

Speaking of my life - my fiancé started the drive back to Wisconsin yesterday morning and he'll most likely be back there sometime tomorrow. I miss him more than I could tell you...and not to say that California winter nights are much to complain about, but my bed was freezing last night without him! I thought I was joking about losing my own personal human heater, but it was serious business - I'm going to have to get another blanket on my bed (haha, yes, I am a wuss, I get cold super easy). In all seriousness though, it sucks very much to not have him here anymore and to not be sure when he'll be able to come back. I've got to take my month off of school as an opportunity to get myself together and start doing all of the adult things I've been putting off - job, license, etc - and to get rid of all of the excess stuff I have to do my part in getting him back here as soon as possible.

My fiancé Joshua eating at a Chinese buffet on Christmas...haha

In other crafty news: I am going to try to take up crocheting! Woot. I bought some yarn and a hook about a week or so ago and didn't do so well on my first attempt, but I have a friend who crochets and he promised to help get me started the next time we hang out, so that is exciting. I really can't wait to be able to make hats and scarves and all kinds of crazy stuff. If any of you out there crochet and have some tips or good websites to check out, let me know!

Alright, that's it for now...<3
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