Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horns, new clay, and my second Etsy purchase

So a lot happened yesterday! ...sort of...haha.

First of all, I finally sent out a gift I made for a friend of mine who just transferred from here to Portland for college. I actually made them earlier in the summer, but we never ended up getting to see each other before she left...here they are:

Haha, yeah, I made her some polymer clay horns! I had made myself two pairs back in July (that you can see HERE) and she saw pictures and wanted some too (not a surprise - she has a reputation for being "the girl with the horns" because she has a couple pairs she wears on a regular basis; I believe one pair is fabric and the other is plastic). I figured they'd make a good going-away/just-because present. Oh, and in case you were wondering, they are sitting on the letter I wrote to go along with them...anyways, I've been thinking for a while that I ought to start trying to make horns like this for Etsy - maybe start off with a set or two and offer to do custom orders - and since Halloween is coming up, I think I might finally get on it...suggestions for what colors to start with are welcome!

On the subject of polymer clay, I also recieved four new blocks of clay that I ordered yesterday!

Now I have blue, black, more white, and a shimmery white, as you can (hopefully) see in the second picture...this adds to the red, purple, orange, yellow, green, and older white that I actually originally got from a really wonderful lady who had it all sitting around and thought I could make some use of it...it actually took quite a while for me to do so, but once I got on Etsy and realized all the amazing things that can be done with polymer clay, I dug it out and got to work =)

And FINALLY - I recieved my second Etsy purchase ever in the mail as well! Haha, it was an excellent day for mail. I bought a hat from anatomyofatooth (who blogs HERE) that made me smile before I even opened the package...

Best packaging ever =) (btw...ignore my Little Mermaid bed sheet...haha, I have problems with that whole growing up thing). On top of that? She included a second hat and a pair of gummy bear earrings as extras! Totally unexpected! I had read in her feedback that she gave out extras with purchases, but I expected really small things...alright, vain-happy-customer-picture time!

The first picture is the hat I originally bought...it makes me feel like I have little zebra ears =) And, it fits perfectly! Sweet. The second hat is a bit snugger but still neat, and the earrings are sooooo coooooooool...as proven by all the extra o's. Extra bonus points - that holder you see them poked into? It's a paint sample from a store. Seriously, what an awesome idea - it's the perfect size and everything. Haha, I am clearly happy with my purchase...can't wait for it to stop being so damn HOT out so I can start wearing the hat!

Alright...that's it for today!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello, Blogger...

Hello everyone =)

So I've been keeping up something of a creative blog on WeLoveEtsy.com (that link will take you to my profile, which has lots of pictures and my creative-type blogs posts to date), but I figured I should get in with all the cool kids and move over to Blogger/Blogspot/whatever-the-hell-you-are...haha. I'm sure I'll post in both places, but since I've realized that I can in fact keep up two blogs (a personal one and a Etsy-related one), I decided I might as well do this one right.

And now I'm not sure where to begin! Haha...I think I'll just look back on my We Love Etsy posts and try to give you an idea of who I am and what I've been doing.

I started off this whole Etsy thing making hemp and metal chain jewelry, but I have since gotten into making charms and pendants with polymer clay - I've got a mix of all of that going in my shop now, and I'm constantly getting more ideas from all of the amazing shops I see. I also like working with fabric markers, doing small sewing projects, drawing, painting - all kinds of arts and crafts. Lately I've been thinking of trying to do some ACEOs and maybe start trying to make some hair stuff (bows, barettes, etc.), and I'm waiting on some supplies so I can start making rings and cell phone charms...haha, I'm all over the place.

As far as my personal life, I'm a full time college student majoring in English and currently still living at home, which will hopefully change in a few months...haha, not that I'm looking forward to balancing bills and homework, but, well, I've got a pretty good reason to move out. I'm (recently) engaged to the most amazing jerk I've ever met, who unfortunately lives 2,000 miles away but will be moving down here to California stay in October. And, uh, well, I kinda wanna live with him =) I actually spent most of last month up in Wisconsin with him and having to be without him now is absolutely miserable...but I've got school and crafting to keep me occupied and help me make it through the last few weeks we ever have to spend apart....haha, yeah, I get really cheesy when I talk about him...

Now, to get back on track, here are some of the things I've been working on lately!

Two of my recent Etsy listings:

Glittery Green Cupcake Earrings

-I decided I wanted to try to make some cupcakes out of polymer clay (it may have a little to do with the fact that I have been craving some good cupcakes for MONTHS and I still haven't gotten any...sigh!) and after making some pink ones (one of which you can see below), I mixed the brightest green I could and made these guys. It's a little unclear in this picture, but they are actually sprinkled with green glitter, so they're very sparkly. They are topped with matching glittery green beads I made as well and attached to a pair of lever-back earrings.

Glittery Pink Cupcake Necklace

-I actually made some pink cupcakes first...cos, well, pink just seemed like a logical frosting color, haha. At first, I had no intention of adding faces or anything like that to my cupcakes, but two small pieces of fuzz got onto the base of one of them and they looked just like a little eye and a perfect tiny smile - I figured it was just meant to be and went for it =) This pink cupcake also has some glitter on it, though not as much as the green ones do, and some matching glittery polymer clay beads along with some seed beads to complete the necklace.

Alright...I was planning to get into some more stuff I've been doing lately, but I think I've overloaded you enough for one day...haha, I'll be back soon with another post!

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