Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horns, new clay, and my second Etsy purchase

So a lot happened yesterday! ...sort of...haha.

First of all, I finally sent out a gift I made for a friend of mine who just transferred from here to Portland for college. I actually made them earlier in the summer, but we never ended up getting to see each other before she left...here they are:

Haha, yeah, I made her some polymer clay horns! I had made myself two pairs back in July (that you can see HERE) and she saw pictures and wanted some too (not a surprise - she has a reputation for being "the girl with the horns" because she has a couple pairs she wears on a regular basis; I believe one pair is fabric and the other is plastic). I figured they'd make a good going-away/just-because present. Oh, and in case you were wondering, they are sitting on the letter I wrote to go along with them...anyways, I've been thinking for a while that I ought to start trying to make horns like this for Etsy - maybe start off with a set or two and offer to do custom orders - and since Halloween is coming up, I think I might finally get on it...suggestions for what colors to start with are welcome!

On the subject of polymer clay, I also recieved four new blocks of clay that I ordered yesterday!

Now I have blue, black, more white, and a shimmery white, as you can (hopefully) see in the second picture...this adds to the red, purple, orange, yellow, green, and older white that I actually originally got from a really wonderful lady who had it all sitting around and thought I could make some use of it...it actually took quite a while for me to do so, but once I got on Etsy and realized all the amazing things that can be done with polymer clay, I dug it out and got to work =)

And FINALLY - I recieved my second Etsy purchase ever in the mail as well! Haha, it was an excellent day for mail. I bought a hat from anatomyofatooth (who blogs HERE) that made me smile before I even opened the package...

Best packaging ever =) (btw...ignore my Little Mermaid bed sheet...haha, I have problems with that whole growing up thing). On top of that? She included a second hat and a pair of gummy bear earrings as extras! Totally unexpected! I had read in her feedback that she gave out extras with purchases, but I expected really small things...alright, vain-happy-customer-picture time!

The first picture is the hat I originally bought...it makes me feel like I have little zebra ears =) And, it fits perfectly! Sweet. The second hat is a bit snugger but still neat, and the earrings are sooooo coooooooool...as proven by all the extra o's. Extra bonus points - that holder you see them poked into? It's a paint sample from a store. Seriously, what an awesome idea - it's the perfect size and everything. Haha, I am clearly happy with my purchase...can't wait for it to stop being so damn HOT out so I can start wearing the hat!

Alright...that's it for today!


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