Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steampunk Rings contest!

Today I am here to tell you about some awesome rings =)

I had seen CatherinetteRings's shop before, back when her avatar was of one of her Cube rings (still think those are amazing). I recently rediscovered her over on Twitter (sigh, Twitter!...haha, my fiance calls it a 'lazy person's blog' and wishes I'd stop using it, but it's kinda fun...turns out I joined it right as a lot of other Etsians did too so there's been quite a lot of Etsy-connection going on there for me) and have started checking out her blog as well as her new Steampunk rings...if you don't know, Steampunk is a pretty interesting subculture that's getting a bit more attention lately (click on that first "Steampunk"back there to get some background on it).

Anyways, CatherinetteRings has just started a new contest on her blog and I am making this entry not only to spread the awesome, but in the hopes of winning some of the awesome myself...haha. She plans to give away two of her rings at the end of November, which would make a pretty sweet 20th birthday present if you ask me...=D

I actually had a much harder time picking a favorite ring than I thought I would...haha, seriously. I looked through all of CatherinetteRings's Steampunk rings and just found so many really neat things that it took me a while to narrow it down. I think I'd have to go with her Golden Rutilated Quartz ring though:

...Can't help but to also mention this Indian Agate ring and this Smoky Agate ring - haha, it's hard enough to limit myself to only those. Back on topic - I'm not typically a fan of gold-tone things, but for some reason I love that's just so bright and lovely (for the record, CatherinetteRings takes some great pictures of everything she makes - it all seems to glow a little =])

So! Make sure you take a look around CatherinetteRings's shop and enter the contest with me - take a look at her blog, there's a few different ways to enter, all of which are simple - maybe we can both win a fantastic ring together =)

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