Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

I should be waiting until tomorrow to do this, but WHATEVER - I'm having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my shop! Starting now, just use the coupon code "BLACKFRI2010" and you'll get 35% off of your order. I'll be discounting some other things here and there, so keep an eye out and you might catch an excellent deal. I don't have sales too often, so take advantage of this!

Other than that...hmm...haha. My birthday was on the 20th - I'm 22 now, what the hell! My gift was taking a random trip to Chicago to meet up with my dad while he was on a work trip and getting to see The Dresden Dolls play a show there - it was unbelievably awesome and I almost cried a billion times because I was so overwhelmed at being there at all. The actual day-of was spent with Joshua - it was a kind of strange, rainy, day, but we ended up at the thrift store, having dinner at Black Angus with our friend Andrew, and going to see Harry Potter. Not a bad day.

Today is the first Thanksgiving where I've really been on my own - my dad had to make a last minute trip up to Northern California, so it's just Joshua and I. We're cooking since we already had everything ready to go, and so far it's going alright. It's just odd not to be going somewhere or around more people. I wish we could have gotten some friends to come over and enjoy this with us, but of course they're busy with their own families today. Oh well. Once the turkey's done, I can start doing some baking, which is always fun. I hope your Thanksgiving is going well if you celebrate it as well - otherwise, happy Thursday =)

Anyway, I of course got the idea to make monster ornaments kind of late...I'll probably still try some, but it would have been better to have already gotten some listed. Alas...been a little bit slow on making new things, but I did come up with a poor, sad, zombified creature (already claimed, but still visible in the shop) - meet Molly!

In more Etsy related news, I'm now a proud member of a few different teams! Check them out - a few are trying to organize their own Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials, so check out the members and the awesome things they make as well:

Etsy Ugly Cute
Etsy Teens and Young Adults
Smoke Free Sellers
Facebook Fans of Etsy Team

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