Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some heavy happenings and bits of inspiration

Oh, hello there...

So much and yet so little going on...haha. I recently made an *official* email for my whole creative mess - I can now be reached at TheEmoSeal(at), woo. Previously, everything was connected to a personal email address, which was fine, but I thought having something more specialized (and actually using the name I go by) would be a good thing. Switched the blog over to that address as well, which changes nothing for you, dear readers, and is really just a fun fact. Have had to work on transferring the blogs I wanted to stay subscribed to over to the new account - that's been kind of fun as I've been finding new interesting people and getting back into reading all of your cool blogs. So yes, small bit of progress I suppose.

Making things is still not an activity done frequently enough around here because I suck or something, I don't know. I really used this summer as a full-blown laziness fest, but I guess I needed/deserved it/probably not/something or other...I did actually make one particularly cool thing in the spirit of Comic-Con (where I wore my awesome monster hood all weekend):

Click HERE to see the Etsy listing: it's a rainbow horn headband!

I made this because my monster hood can get pretty warm, and since Comic-Con happens right in the middle of summer, it's usually not ideal weather for furry hats. Something lightweight seemed like a good plan...except I didn't end up finishing it until after the convention...haha. I really like it a lot, though, and I think it's one of the few things I've made without running into any major issues and that I actually had come out exactly as I pictured it. I decided to list it since I really want to start getting new things up in the shop and I'm planning to make more. And now, it's time for a collage of Comic-Con pictures that I spent too long putting together!:

Comic-Con 2010! Click to make it bigger!

So very much more free stuff than usual, met James Urbaniak and Chris Parnell and we got to talk to Edgar Wright a little (haha, he remembered Joshua and I from two years ago), enjoyed so many Scott Pilgrim things (like TWO FREE ADVANCED SCREENINGS!, free shirts that got handed out and that we got to screen print ourselves, free garlic bread, flipbooks, etc etc)...I don't know, it's too much awesome to condense into a small space, so just enjoy the sampling of my pictures =)

Oh, and my hair changed again, if you noticed...I ended up dyeing it back to my natural dark brown not long after graduation, then getting it cut even shorter sometime last month, and then bleaching and dyeing it blue and green! Here's a few pictures of the process (and proof that I always take the same damn picture...haha):

Brown with the red I dyed over showing through, natural dark brown, bleached, and then BLUE!

It's a bit hard to see the green's sort of an underlayer at the front, here's a better picture:

Yayyy, too many pictures of me!

In other personal news, I got my wisdom teeth out about a month ago (it suckedddd) and I've started trying to do some serious cleaning and organizing of everything I own (it also suckssss). Oh, and my college sent me a letter informing me that I am still three credits (a.k.a. one class) short from graduating...I'm pretty pissed about that because before my last semester, I went in to talk to someone from the English department to see if I was really going to be able to graduate on time. She looked at my records and told me all I needed was five more classes (which is a normal full schedule for a semester for me)...when I looked back over everything I realized she missed a class, which is why I ended up taking summer school. How she missed TWO classes I needed is beyond me, and it really just frustrates me. I actually went to someone for help and still ended up screwed...sigh. Anyways, I read that after Joshua got some bad news of his own - a man that was a big father-figure to him just died. Basically, the mood was already heavy around here and it just seems like more things keep getting added to the pile. I know we'll be alright, but things could definitely be better at the moment.

Alright, I hate to end this on a negative note, so have a drawing I did recently! We've been going nuts over (Joshua and I have bought more shirts combined within the past couple of weeks than I care to admit to, haha) and I'm all inspired to try to design a shirt for the site and this is the first thing I drew while on that's just a picture of someone I follow on Twitter:

Talk to you again soon!

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