Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh dear - have a collage!

Once again I have waited too long in between blog posts and now I hardly know where to I will share this collage I made recently of some things I've sewn and never really said much about ^^ If you go to the actual Flickr page, you can hover over each stuffed creation and learn a little more about it. Most of them are in my Etsy shop so you can definitely check there for more pictures and details and such as well.

I promise, I will make a good entry soon! School is beating my brain up and...well...Joshua lives with me again =D He's been here since April 5 and he's all settled into the room down the hall from mine (it is a fantastic room). We've been seeing a lot of friends and hanging out with each other and such, so on top of not getting much done lately anyways, I've been pretty distracted by that...haha.

Hope you are all doing well and I will talk more to you later!

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