Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'M NOT DEAD! And I've made new things!

Oh has been a long time...haha.

I'm really sorry I started failing at this blog. My whole Etsy shop went into a lull for a while, really, so the blog went down with it. I've been getting better with my shop though, and I'm FINALLY going to do the same here!

So! Where to start? Uh, I've started making stuffed things, that's pretty exciting. So far, it's mostly monsters, but I've also made a whale and a bunny. I've done two custom stuffed things for friends as well - both came out pretty well and they've gotten lots of compliments, which is awesome. The first was a doll version of my friend Chris for his girlfriend...yeah...haha... He's got a handmade brown corduroy shirt with a pin that says "I Am Loved" in French attached to it and pants made from an old pair of jeans!

The Chris doll, shortly after I finished him...
And attending his first party with his namesake =)
The other was a character from an old computer game called Day of the Tentacle for Tien. She found a picture of a stuffed version the purple tentacle someone had made online, and after seeing the Chris doll, asked if I might be able to make her one that fit her specifications a little better.
Here he is! (click the picture to see him better)
Tien and the tentacle, being evil together.
Both were 100% hand sewn...which was horribly difficult...haha, but it makes me that much more proud of them. I actually hand sew pretty much everything I do because the only sewing machine I've got came from a bargain store and cost less than $10. It is as horrible as it sounds, but better than nothing. One day!
To see more of the stuffed things I've made, you can go to the Punk Rock Plush section in my shop and/or check out the photo albums on my Facebook fan page!

Alright, well! I have a few things in mind for future blog entries, so hopefully I'll stay on track here. One last thing though - I want to say thanks to 5erg! I won her giveaway and now I pick out $20 worth of stuff from her shop =D Still haven't decided on what I want, but it definitely made my day.
Talk to you later!

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Phattha said...

Fabulous! I have a series of Chris doll traveling!

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