Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help Me Help My Friends from A City Serene

Hey everyone...well, I was planning to write another post a lot sooner than this, but in addition to being busy with school and, well, my usual state of tiredness (haha, seriously), this weekend I found out that two of my friends got into a really serious car accident while three days into their band's first big tour. There's lots of news articles floating around, but I think this is a pretty good one:

They have tons of AWESOME quality photos on MySpace, but I had to post this one because it's classic Mike (big arms) and Marc (huge smile and pointing) to me...sigh.

Basically what happened is that the tour bus they were driving got hit head on. All six of them were seriously hurt - they each have at least one broken bone - and even the best of them is still in the hospital five days later and is going to need months of rehabilitation to recover. Two of them are friends of mine from high school - one's actually my ex of two years who I'm still friends with, though I wish we had talked more often. Hearing what happened shook me up a lot more than expected, and I feel like I've spent most of my free time lately trying to see if there's any updates on their conditions from a friend of ours who's basically camping out at the hospital and re-posting news articles about what happened as more information comes out. I actually got a bit upset today about a post MySpace Music made on the accident because of some people posting unnecessary negative comments...ah, will I ever learn not to read comments on articles online? I mean, I do understand it's the nature of the internet, and I understand that it's easy to be desensitized to news and things that affect people you don't even know, but it's still amazing how insensitive people can be. I guess that's something I always knew, but it's become very personal now. But enough about that.

What I want to do right now is just to ask you to help them out, whether that be through donating money to them through a PayPal account set up on their MySpace page, buying their new EP or a shirt, or sending some encouraging words to them. I am going to be donating a percentage from any sales I make in my Etsy shop to them, so that's another way that you can help out if you have the money to spare, or have been waiting for a good time to get something from me. Honestly, I'm pretty broke myself right now (I actually don't have textbooks for most of my classes yet and we're three weeks into the semester - thank you internet for having a good chunk of my readings so far), and sales on Etsy are about the only way I'm going to get together any money to send them myself, so they would be doubly appreciated.

I promise to get back on track with this blog soon, but for now, please send my friends and the rest of A City Serene some positive vibes - they really need them right now. Thank you <3

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